Fortunate to have worked during the 1980s with one of the pioneering Southern California automotive industry CPAs at the culmination of his successful career, Roger Rossmeisl joined forces with Kho & Patel in 1992 when it was the new kid on the block in the automotive realm. A mutually beneficial union it was, instrumental in what has become today’s Kho & Patel, one of the leading Southern California based automotive industry boutique CPA firms. Kho & Patel’s 25+ person team is uniquely qualified to guide you through the minefield that is dealership tax law in the 21st century.


1992 was a milestone in automotive industry taxation as well. It was in this year that the IRS began focusing their attention on the automotive industry in earnest resulting in seminal pronouncements in the areas of extend service contracts and LIFO inventory valuation method accounting… and they’ve never looked back. Fast forward to today, almost every other year, dealership-specific legislation is now a given.

The need for an automotive industry CPA is no longer an extravagance, but a necessity.


Along with the Kho & Patel, our extensive dealership experience positions us to effectively analyze new dealership-specific tax law to achieve the optimal result for your business. Our hallmark is to provide value which translates into cost-effective solutions for your dealership accounting, tax, attest, operational and consulting needs.


Because the auto dealership niche is multi-faceted, Roger also partners with other top notch automotive-centric professionals (attorneys, appraisers, bankers, engineers, employee benefit plan administrators, and reinsurance company facilitators, to name a few) that stand ready to assist you in their respective areas.


Rounded out with Roger’s affinity for following federal monetary policy, he’s able to add an extra dimension to dealers’ understanding as to how activities of the federal government impact their ability to do business, make a living, and/or otherwise preserve their wealth.


Whether you’re a successful General Manager that now finds him/herself a newly minted Dealer Principal seeking an Automobile Dealership CPA Firm . . . or a seasoned automotive veteran looking to make a change to an Automotive CPA that understands your business, I look forward to speaking with you.

Auto shop photos provided courtesy of Hot Rods & Hobbies and Artistic Silver Plating, Signal Hill, California.